A Family
Like No Other 

"We're thoughtful, we're family-oriented and we're geeks for bespoken shoe-luxury." - Muskan Guwalani.

The brand was set up by Mr. Vatsal Guwalani in the year 2016 with a purpose to create distinct shoes that have an identity of their own. The House of Guwalani is a big family and it's a family like no other.

A Bequest
Of 30 years 

Guwalani's legacy of unparalleled service and unmatched design is too exquisite to be found anywhere else. Our pieces are proudly designed in our own manufacturing units where the artisans have perfected their skills over multiple generations. We have revolutionised the brand in such a way that we now trade with iconic companies like Pierre Cardin, Lee Cooper and Bugatti.

Bespoke Craftsmanship

We're driven by details. Our family of seasoned craftsmen make sure to carry our identity as a brand that handcrafts luxury.

And our mission doesn't end with artisans who call the House of Guwalani home. It starts there. We believe in empowering our team every single day so that they can create something that's striking, momentous and unforgettably personalised.

Italian Shoes,
Indian Construction

Italy is the home for art. We take inspiration from Italy's modernist designs and add India's touch of studious craftsmanship to it.

With our fusion of Italian designs and Indian construction, we cater to the most well-bred gentlemen of our time.